A Hotel Bible Is An Answer To Prayer

This letter we recently received is a reminder that we never know how God can orchestrate the placement of a Hotel Bible to accomplish His will:

A few months ago I lost the only Bible I owned. The pastor of my church presented it to me after I was saved and baptized way back in 1979.

At first I was upset that I had lost the Bible I had been studying for 35 years. But then I thought, as long as someone else is reading it and it brings one or more people to Jesus, then I’m good with that.

Anyway, my landlord bought a whole bunch of furniture from a hotel that had gone out of business. He gave some of it to me, including a bed stand.

After praying that God would send another Bible to me, I just happened to open the drawer of my new bed stand to put some things inside. And there was a Gideon-placed NKJV Bible. Exactly the translation version I wanted.

Thank you for your wonderful and necessary work.

God Bless,

John Welch, Maine

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