An Incredible Work

Recently we received the following letter from Ann, whose life was touched by a Scripture placed in her hands by a Gideon on a college campus:

During my freshman year of college at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, I was searching for a church and direction for my life.

One fall morning on my way to class, there was a gentleman standing on the corner passing out New Testaments to students. I received a copy, and I remember reading it in bed before I went to sleep. I was raised in a church and believed in God, but I didn’t understand what it meant to be saved, to commit my life to the Lord, or to be reborn.

The next school year, I began dating a man who recently had committed his life to the Lord. As we continued in our relationship, we both realized I wasn’t really saved. In September 2000, after attending a weekend retreat with my church, I got down on my knees in my dorm room and committed my life to Christ.

Since then, God has done amazing work in my life. He has saved me, healed me, redeemed me, changed me, taught me, refined me, blessed me, and used me to love and care for others. I also married that man I was dating.

I just wanted to thank your association for the incredible work you do in sharing God’s Word with others. Thank you for going to college campuses and handing out the New Testament to young people who are searching and seeking. Thank you for putting the Word of God in my hands back in 1998. I know it helped me on my journey of coming to know and love the Lord.

—Ann L., Indiana

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