God Is At Work, Even During Recess

Gideons recently conducted an International Scripture Blitz in Nicaragua during June, distributing over 95,000 copies of God’s Word in one week. Here is one of the testimonies received from the blitz:

At one public school in Chinandega, Gideons were distributing Scriptures to students in classrooms when the students were adjourned for recess. Gideons stood outside on the school grounds waiting for recess to end so they could continue with distributions. During this time, two students named Joceyln and Vera approached several of the Gideons.

The girls began to ask about the New Testaments. The Gideons responded to their questions as the girls listened closely.

After answering the girls’ questions, one of the Gideons said, “Can I ask you a question?”

The two girls nodded.

“If you died today are you sure you would go to heaven?”

The two girls looked at each other. Then both shook their heads, “no.”

One of the Gideons then opened a New Testament to the plan of salvation printed in the back pages. He continued to ask the girls more questions. “Have you ever told a lie? Have you ever gotten angry at your brother or sister, or your mother or father?”

The girls answered “yes” to his questions. The Gideons explained, “All have sinned, and in God’s eyes, we all fall short of His glory that’s why we all need Jesus.”

By this time, four boys approached and were standing behind the girls to see what they were talking to the Gideons about. The presence of these classmates seemed to distract the girls.

However, the Gideons asked the girls, “Would you like to pray now to receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior?”

The girls then turned around and looked at the boys, perhaps to see how these classmates might respond to what was happening.

To redirect the girls’ attention to the fact that they were standing at the door as Jesus was knocking, the Gideons asked, “What’s more important? What these boys think about you, or spending eternity in Heaven with Jesus?”

The girl named Vera then turned toward the boys and gestured for them to go away. The boys looked at each other, turned, and left. Vera then looked at Jocelyn and together the two said, “We want to pray.”

As the Gideons led them in prayer, the two girls bowed their heads and asked Jesus to enter their hearts.

We praise God for this testimony. Please pray Jocelyn and Vera will continue to grow in their faith and that their testimony will be an inspiration to believers and non-believers alike.

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