“Ultimately, our prayer was that the people receiving these Scriptures would take them to heart.”   - Bob (Blitz Coordinator)

Hebrews 4:12 (ESV) reminds us, “For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” From the moment Bob, a Gideon from North Carolina, was asked to lead the 2022 North Carolina Blitz in Greensboro, God laid this verse on his heart. He believed the Word of God could bring men, women, boys, and girls from the darkness of this world to the light of Jesus Christ.

Praying, Preparing, and Promoting

An Auxiliary praying for the blitz.

The blitz planning began in January 2022 when Bob reached out to state and camp leaders throughout North Carolina asking them to join the blitz efforts. Word quickly spread and members were challenged to get area churches praying for the blitz. “Ultimately, our prayer was that the people receiving these Scriptures would take them to heart,” says Bob. An Auxiliary named Karen had never been a part of a state blitz but knew the importance of immersing the week in prayer. “Our camp was praying for this blitz for quite some time. Our church also had a revival the same week and bathed the blitz in prayer.”    

Bob and fellow Gideons promoted the blitz with the heart of reminding members of our objective to win others for Jesus Christ. For Auxiliary like Sandy, the blitz served as a reminder of her calling to this Association. “Serving alongside my husband in this blitz encouraged me and strengthened my faith.”

“I love The Gideons because they are helping bring the light into darkness. I especially enjoy school distributions because kids today are in a real spiritual battle,” says Bob. Bill, another Gideon from North Carolina, had an incredibly moving moment with one of the school principals in the area. After showing her the Bibles, the principal replied, “These students need these so much. Please tell these men [Gideons] I said thank you.”

An Ebenezer Moment

A Gideon preparing to distribute Scriptures.

Schools, police and fire stations, funeral homes, hospitals, hospice care centers, and dentist offices were all approved distribution sites for the blitz. Mark, a Gideon from Kentucky, read from 1 Samuel 7 at Tuesday evening’s celebration dinner, as his prayer was for “an Ebenezer moment…the Lord is here and will help us.” Mark led a distribution to a local fire department in Winston-Salem and connected with a very welcoming fire chief and three firefighters. After a time of prayer and encouragement, they left Testaments with the department. Jack, a newer Gideon, saw the immediate impact a blitz could make. He said, “This is an opportunity to distribute the Word of God—and people must hear the Scriptures because that is how they get saved. My words can’t save anyone.” 

John works at a funeral home that Gideons visited during the blitz He has seen firsthand how the GideonCard Bible Program impacts lives. He says, “We appreciate these Scriptures that are sent because of GideonCards…people really use them. When my father passed away, GideonCards were purchased, and it meant a lot to me. Several families come to our funeral home and use them—it provides comfort and a gift that will last.”    

Hunger for the Word

As much as blitz participants loved the community with fellow members, ministering to people meant the most. One Gideon named Ken says, “It’s gratifying to see people welcome us and see their hunger for the Word. Most people are very receptive to getting Scriptures.” His wife, Melinda, is encouraged by impacting lives with hope. She shared the following:   

It’s neat when patients hear what we are doing and thank us for our efforts. I love ministering in doctor’s offices after the last couple of years of what they have been through because of the pandemic. When I’m witnessing to someone, I stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading.

Ted, a Gideon from Virginia, saw life change when he talked with a nursing home employee. Ted spoke to him as he was leaving work. “How sure are you that you’re saved?” asked Ted. The employee replied, “98%.” Ted gave him a Testament and asked if he would like to be 100% sure. Ted was able to share the Gospel with him as he accepted Jesus as His Lord and Savior. The experience brought tears to Ted’s eyes as he shared, “God calls us into this ministry and allows us to see miracles happen—people come from death to life. What a blessing!”   

“The bottom line in doing all of this is a person’s salvation.” –Andy (Blitz Participant)

Ted sharing the Gospel with a nursing home employee.

A Gideon from Kansas named Andy took part in a hotel distribution and met with the receptionist at the front desk. Previously, Gideons were told they could go from room to room and place Bibles. The receptionist spoke with the hotel manager and confirmed the placement. Andy felt led to give the manager a Testament and asked if he could share a few things. After going to the manager’s office, Andy began with, “I would like to ask you a question…where do you believe you are going to spend eternity?” He replied, “I hope I’m going to Heaven.” Andy shared the Gospel with him using the Testament and asked if he would like to call upon the name of the Lord (Romans 10:13). The manager replied, “Yes! Thank you for helping me find Jesus,” he told Andy. When Andy shared this God-ordained moment with fellow members, he said, “The bottom line in doing all of this is a person’s salvation.”   

We praise God for those who accepted Him as their Savior. Countless people experienced His love and message of eternal hope through the endeavors of over 160 members during the blitz. These life-giving encounters made every effort worth it.

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