Almost 50,000 Scriptures Shared in Lesotho

In September, Gideons in Lesotho organized an International Scripture Blitz in the city of Qacha’s Nek and the surrounding areas. They were met in the capital city of Maseru by Gideons from several other countries to participate in the one-week blitz on the continent of Africa.

Throughout the week, the team would place and distribute Scriptures at a number of locations including schools, hospitals, and medical clinics, all in an effort to help men, women, boys, and girls come to a saving faith in Jesus.

Into The Uttermost

While Lesotho is a small nation, it is dominated by a network of rivers and high altitude mountain ranges making it difficult to build roads. The five-hour journey from Maseru to Qacha’s Nek was a journey into the uttermost.

“We had to use four-wheel drive vehicles in most of the areas. Many teams had to travel over 205 kilometers a day on extremely rough mountain roads to get to the schools,” said international team leader, Larry Aspegren.

Local pastors guided the Gideons to local schools in the area. Team members even loaded boxes of Testaments on horses and led them down a steep ravine to one the most remote villages.

“The journey to get there was amazing enough, but nothing in comparison to the events once there,” recalled Greg Bowen from Georgia.

The children and adults were very receptive to the Gideons and were thankful for the gift of the Scriptures. The Gideons were grateful for the privilege to share the Word of God with men, women, boys, and girls who otherwise might not have an opportunity to hear of the hope found only in Jesus Christ.

God’s Word is Welcomed In Lesotho

“The people of Qacha’s Nek are very, very loving and kind. Their hearts are open to Christ and His Word. They want to know Christ,” said Jim Hadley from Indiana. “We went to so many places and every place we went, we were welcomed with open arms.”

By the end of the blitz, Gideons visited numerous locations, including 199 schools, distributed 49,460 Scriptures, and were presented with numerous opportunities for personal witnessing.

At least 25 people made the decision to accept Christ as their personal Savior during the blitz. “I liken this blitz to throwing a large rock into a calm pond, creating ripple effects,” said Joe Schuler, a Gideon from Idaho. “With nearly 50,000 Scriptures distributed, it will have a dramatic effect in this country. We will be eager to hear of the impact of those Scriptures in the months to come.”

The Essence of the Ministry

The openness of the people and the opportunity to witness in such remote parts of the world, touched the hearts of the Gideons who participated in the Lesotho International Scripture Blitz.

“To give copies of God’s Word to people who have never had it, or have no other possible way to get a Bible of their own, this is the essence of The Gideons International,” said Greg Bowen.

The international Gideons were greatly impressed with the Lesotho Gideons’ willingness to sacrifice to help reach the lost with God’s Word. Some traveled over 150 miles and stayed for a week away from their families and businesses, so they could share the Gospel.

The Gideons International established its first camp in Lesotho in 1977. Today, Lesotho has 71 Gideons and 26 Auxiliary members. Nearly 2 million Scriptures have been distributed within the country to date.

We thank everyone who helped in planning and carrying out this Scripture blitz, including Lesotho’s Gideons and Auxiliary, as well as the international team members. We also thank churches, donors, and others whose prayers and support helped make this blitz possible. Most of all, we thank God, to Whom we give glory and praise for every Scripture distributed and every life that will be changed in Lesotho as a result of this blitz.

Please continue to pray that the people in Lesotho who received Scriptures will open them and obey the Gospel, and share God’s message of love with others.

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